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Company Name Company Type Sector City Country Phone
CMDS Service Provider Other.. Cape Town South Africa 021 7976226
Coffee Daddy NPO Skills Development Pretoria South Africa
Collaborative Leadership Group Service Provider Other.. Johannesburg South Africa
Common Purpose SA - Western Cape NPO Education Cape Town South Africa 083 325 7048
Communities Unite for Love and Freedom NPO Social Development Johannesburg South Africa
Community Action towards a Safer Environment (CASE) NPO Other.. Cape Town South Africa 0216917066
Community Chest Foundation Social Development Cape Town South Africa 0214243344
Community Chest Western Cape Foundation Social Development Cape Town South Africa 0214243344
Concerned Wives of the Nation NPO Social Development Durban South Africa 0837785602
CORA (Caring for Orphans in Rural Areas) NPO Social Development East London South Africa 27-21-794 7428
Craig Wright Other Agriculture/Food Durban South Africa
Creative Community Online Company Other.. Pretoria South Africa 0126547623
Creative Consulting & Development Works Service Provider Other.. Woodstock, Cape Town South Africa +27 (0) 21 448 2058
Creative Consulting & Development Works Company Social Development Cape Town South Africa
Crossing Bridges Africa NPO Other.. Cape Town South Africa 0216868365
CSI Business Congress Company HIV/AIDS Durban South Africa 031 5662450
Dale Capital Corporate Commercial Enterprise Cape Town South Africa 021702 7770
dalindyebo womens co operative Corporate Other.. Johannesburg South Africa 0110746213
Data Base International Pty Ltd - DBI World new Super Internet Corporate Safety & Security Cape Town South Africa
DementiaSA NPO Health Cape Town South Africa 0214210077
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