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Anna Foundation - Our Youth, their Rights and Responsibilities - May June 2018

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EDUCATION - For the May training the faciliitators learned various methodologies to improve learner discipline.

Resources such as reflection sheets, merit lists and task lists were introduced. Techniques such as breathing methods, clapping, playing games like ‘Simon Says’ that could be used to refocus learner attention, or to calm or quieten down the learners were demonstrated through role play.

The participants found it beneficial and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate their theatrical abilities. The June training’s primary goal was to adequately prepare the facilitators for the grade specific Mathematics and Afrikaans tests that took place.

A special programme was developed for June to acknowledge the contributions of our youth and to highlight the socio-economic obstacles facing them. The programme included:

  • Understanding the Soweto uprising
  • Inviting young role models to address the learners and writing a poem
  • Developing an after school constitution detailing the learner’s rights and responsibilities at the after school
  • Designing bantings which artistically depict these rights & responsibilities

We’ve collaborated with BetterSA, a volunteer group, to present arts & crafts to our learners at Stellenzicht, Kanonkop and Groot Constantia. The learners were engrossed in making Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards and in painting plant pots. BetterSA have also painted the after school classroom at Neethlingshof. We look forward to our continued association with them.

Sporting programme action
The second term remains a firm favourite. It focused on soccer which is played and loved by most learners while developing leadership skills. They enjoyed a variety of dribbling, defending, attacking and shooting activities.

We introduced the cycling programme to two of our new projects. The children at Groot Constantia already cycle well. We will focus on teaching them the correct cycling techniques. The young Fairview participants are currently being taught to cycle. Cycling really motivates the children, and no sooner had they completed their lesson then they’re asking when they’ll be cycling again.

Theatre outing - Repunzel at the HB Thom Theatre
Learners of our new Anna Foundation afterschools at Kanonkop and Fairview attend the Raponsie play at the HB Thom Teater in Stellenbosch - a Stellenbosch University Drama Department production. Theatre visits augment the Anna Foundation’s life skills /drama programme. Thank you Stellies Drama for the discounted tickets and fantastic performance!

Curtley Hendricks, a teenager from Buffet Olives and part of the Anna Foundation since 2011 when he was in Grade 5, was selected to participate in an internship programme with BMT Bike Marathon Triathlon, a biking, marathon and triathlon store based in Stellenbosch.  Curtley enjoyed working in the shop as part of our BMT team as he has a passion for cycling and for technical workshop trade. Thank you BMT for giving Curtley this wonderful internship where he was able to grow his skills.


The Anna Foundation benefits from external resources.  Should you have a skill and you wish to give back to the community please email info@annafoundation.com. Assistance always needed for: reading, writing, maths, drama, sports or any beneficial and fun after schools activities.


Visit on our Anna Foundation Give'nGain online donor portal and be an Anna Foundation activist for your next event OR support our runners or riders in our upcoming events. For assistance call +27 21 8851922 or email helen@annafoundation.com .

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