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Let's make it our business to grow South Africa and improve the planet.

The Greenpop Reforest Fest happened 2 weeks ago at Platbos Forest. Here's what went down:
1 day
230 people
2001 trees
Live music

Huge thanks to everyone who was involved in this magical festival
Now we are preparing for our Trees for Zambia Conference of Action in July:
3 weeks
over 100 people
5,000 to 10,000 trees
Acclaimed speakers
Live music
Lovely Livingstone
There is still space left if you would like to come

Other than that, Greenpop is continuing to plant in Cape Town, hold education days and monitor trees to ensure best practice and track success. We have also just launched our new 'voluntourism' programs to ensure further sustainability, so if you are thinking of a green holiday to Southern Africa, let us know. Trees for Zambia has also become an ongoing project so you can join anytime.

And we're on the lookout for a Truck for Trees - know of any leads?

Join the Treevolution!

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Activities at Lavender in Lavender Products

Most of our products are created by community members, community NPO’s or upstarting entrepreneurs and small businesses. This creates extra income for those involved.

  • Ladies from Lavender Hill making lavender sachets and sewn products
  • Ladies from Lavender Hill baking biscuits
  • Ladies from Hope Soap creating handmade soap
  • Vuyisile creating handmade soap (a community member now residing in Khayelitsha but who used to work in Lavender Hill)
  • Vuyisile growing lavender plants for sales and production

Get involved

Once every 6 months we take 15% of the net profit created from sales and plough it back into the Lavender Hill community.

This is done through handing out of plants, education on how to grow plants, education on the uses of the lavender plant in the everyday home environment and through the planting of gardens.

  • If you have a school or corporate group who wants to do a planting day, chat to us. We work to find community members who want gardens and who will take responsibility for their gardens.
  • We are always looking for people who have skills to teach. If you can teach the ladies and gents from the community to make lavender related products of any shape or form, train them and we will assist in the sales of the products they create.


























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